What is Transformational coaching?

A quick guide to transformational coaching and
why the Shift approach is so effective for our clients. 

What Shift clients say

“My Shift coach creates a very productive environment because they are a great judge of when to allow unrestrained rambling and when to interrupt with really simple but incredibly pertinent questions.”


Independent Filmmaker

“My Shift coaching sessions have enabled me to think more independently, not only in financial areas but other areas of my personal life. I feel more empowered to take time out and process things in a way that reduces stress.”


Shift Client

“I recently took up a brand new post, Coaching has helped me better manage and control my calendar for maximum impact and develop strategic priorities; given me greater confidence around when to say “yes” and when to say “no.” 


Shift Client

What is transformational coaching?

Coaching is a form of talking therapy that enables a person, group, or team to move from where they are to where they want to be, through a process of exploration and action. 

Self-discovery, results-driven, action-oriented, non-judgmental, confidentiality, non-advisory, empowering, equality, these guiding principals contribute to making coaching such a useful personal and organisational development tool. 

How does transformational coaching work? 

Firstly coaching enables people to identify where they are now, recognise what the real challenges are, what practical changes need to be faced, and what mental and emotional hurdles need to be overcome. 

Finally, coaching seeks to create clear-sighted decisions, specific plans, and committed actions and ultimately seeks to support the client or business by fostering a sense of accountability around the agreed action. 

All of this is achieved through a process of focused questioning, objective feedback, and other powerful techniques. 

What difference can it make? 

Shift coaching clients are nine times more likely to make and stick to plans that deliver impact, over time, resulting in healthier, wealthier and happier individuals and businesses.


The impact of coaching

What can you hope to achieve through coaching?

  • Establish clear, motivating goals and identify blocks to achieving your goals 
  • Explore and resolve mental barriers 
  • Overcome particular emotional or practical challenges such as fear and anxiety
  • Enhance self-awareness and interpersonal interactions 
  • Develop greater skills to manage decisions and actions more effectively 
  • Increase ownership of feelings and self-responsibility 
  • Build confidence in existing achievements
  • Identify next steps and clear plans. 

Coaching Results

What might you experience as a result of coaching?

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • A greater sense of confidence, happiness and personal well being
  • More effective and fulfilling relationships in both your private and professional world
  • A greater sense of purpose and direction in life and work increased output and effectiveness in both professional and personal endeavours
  • A brighter, more positive and hopeful outlook.

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