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After 20 years in the creative industry I’ve seen it time and time again, feelings of fear, self-doubt and uncertainty often stop incredibly talented people from achieving or even chasing their goals.

If you’ve every watched children play, you’ll notice they don’t seem to struggle with these emotions in quite the same way, they have a childlike flirtation with risk and a playful disregard for fear… and so through the eyes of a child, the world is a playground of possibilities and opportunities just waiting to open up to them. 

Hopefully, through observation or parental guidance, someone along the way instils in us the belief that with a bit of hard work and commitment our inner hopes and dream can be realised.

An Inspirational short Film ‘Lights, Camera, Action’

By Shift Coaching

Thinking about my own children, I’m constantly reminding them of their strengths, celebrating their talents and cheering them on, and helping them makes sense of life’s occasional and inevitable losses.

In these early years, I’m trying to call out the potential that I see in them,  encouraging them to take small but steady steps towards a future where they feel empowered to take the reigns and create the kind of life they want to enjoy. I’m cramming in as much encouragement and self-belief as I can, hoping to develop a reservoir, a deep well from which they can draw in later life.

The thing is, I know that in their adult years, when I’m not around, like many of us “grown-ups”  experience, we might find that the voices that remind us of their brilliance, that help us stay connected to our greatness and human potential can sometimes grow thin.

The voices that encourage us to push against our deep fears and to pursue our greatest hopes, do our boldest work, to pursue ambitions and heartfelt longings, those voices can become few and far between till, what was once certain instruction and belief turns to a dull whisper, and eventually dwindles to an occasional murmur, incapable or eliciting any significant or lasting transformation or impact.

“To someone who doesn’t know where they are going, distractions seem like opportunities.”

An so the self-belief, courage and childlike dreaming is all too often drowned out by the monotony of the everyday grind, paying the bills, checking in and checking out, just getting by… and before we know it we’ve given up on our dreams and while we might be making a living are we really living a life? 

To someone who doesn’t know where they are going, distractions seem like opportunities. What are you chasing? What’s distracting you from your destination?

You and I were designed to do so much more than just exist.

“What are you chasing?
What’s distracting you
from your destination?”

By Prince Laryea.

Shift Coach & Founder

Light’s, Cameras, Action, Go. 
Your moment is here, it feels like a dream
No audition you were handpicked to feature in the scene
You will have some critics, and jheez they’ll be mean
But stay focused on what your destiny is to achieve

You were born under lights with an audience of doctors
A star from the start applauded by your watchers
No spectating, it’s your show, make it go
Born and bred for a purpose, so you better play your role 

Okay you have nerves, but you’ll conquer stage fright
Let your voice be heard, your performance change lives
Learn ya lines, but improvisation is required
Aim for your show to leave nations inspired

Stay moving forward, never go backwards
Surround yourself with real people, no actors
Leave your understudies with a great mould to mimick
And acknowledge the director before your show is finished

Life’s like a stage, the whole world watching
Eyes on you, adrenalin rushing
Only one chance, if life is a show,
Lights, camera, action, go! 

Lyrics taken from Lights Cameras Action, By The 29th Chapter


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