Sarah Sansom

Executive & Performance Coach

Passion Areas & Coaching Themes

Group coaching and training, public speaker training, storytelling, theatre, dance, producing, entrepreneurs.

Past and current clients

Liberty, Diageo, L’Oreal, Veolia, Scotiabank, Fox TV, Argos, The Big Innovation Independent artists including Eska, Tony Adigun, Sabrina Mafhouz

Personal life

Sarah lives between London and Sussex. She has travelled extensively and has a deep love for South America, particularly Colombia. She regularly participates in spin, yoga, tennis, live music and theatre.

Sarah holds a 20-year career working across the creative and corporate industries as an executive coach, facilitator, trainer, producer and leader. She has held senior roles at Arts Council England, Punchdrunk, Avant Garde Dance Company, the Southbank Centre, and Contact Theatre, and specialises in working with individual artists to increase confidence and capacity, turning their passions into action and action into results. Sarah also coaches leaders and teams to work harmoniously together and delivers coaching in presentation skills and public speaking.

Sarah fuses a range of coaching methodologies, ensuring a bespoke approach for each client. She is a PCT Accredited Coach in Relational Dynamics, an accredited MBIT Coach, a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic programming and an accredited Action Learning Facilitator.

Her style has been described as nurturing, dynamic and impactful. Sarah has an outstanding track record working at all scales of business, from small Indies to big corporates, demonstrating insight and flexibility, developing and delivering uniquely tailored approaches empowering clients to reach their goals.

As a result of her passion for blending the arts and social transformation, Sarah is on the membership committee of House of St. Barnabus, the steering committee for Absolutely Cultured, Hull, is a Trustee for Sussex Prisoners Families and works with Lemn Sissay MBE..

“Working with Sarah has transformed my ability and confidence in public speaking. She helped me reconnect with my passion for work and translate that to an audience. After working with Sarah I was able to stand up in front of an international audience and present Liberty’s new season with enjoyment, something I really didn’t think I could do before”

Mary-Ann Dunkley, Head of Design, Liberty 

“Sarah goes above and beyond to coach, support and guide artists along a strategic path. With her knowledge and experience as an independent producer, she absolutely understands the pressures and hurdles facing creatives and the industry. She’s inspiring and insightful.” 

Helen Goodman, Hull UK City of Culture

“Sarah uses coaching to help people reflect and grow in their roles and staff thrive under her nurturing management style. She is incredibly compassionate, patient and caring.” 

Alex Doherty, Universal Music 

“Since 2012 Sarah has created and built for us a unique programme of coaching for people with disabilities who want a career in the performing arts.  It has been groundbreaking and has seen amazing results. She is highly trained in coaching and is also a high-level theatre producer. This gives her a unique position in our industry.”

Claire Hodgso, CEO, Diverse City