Prince Laryea

Founder & Coach

Passion Areas & Coaching Themes

Musicians, vocal artists, music managers, A&R, senior and junior executives, entrepreneurs, young leaders, third sector and social enterprise, confidence, public speaking, storytelling, coaching with faith.

Through powerful conversations and time-honoured coaching techniques, and working with people at every stage of their personal and professional journey, myself and my hand-selected Shift Coaches empower our clients with tools to tackle fear, doubt, apathy and confusion, inspiring courage, confidence, clarity and focus to unlock creative potential. The result is that Shift clients are able to take greater control of their situations, reach new heights in both their professional and private world resulting in greater impact and results for both the individual and the organisation.

I am the founder and lead the team at Shift Coaching. As a qualified professional transformational coach, I employ a person-centred approach blending powerful conversations and questioning with a dynamic range of practical exercises and interventions to help create a shift in clients. This shift inspires confidence empowering  clients on their journey towards bridging the gap between their current circumstance and their potential.


My clients regularly go on to experience uplifts in their relational, financial and organisational endeavours.

Empathy is a powerful tool when it comes to being a coach. Working with someone who has some experience of what you might be facing can make all the difference.

I’ve spent a long time working within the creative industries and have experience on both sides of the desk. I’ve been both a touring artist and manager, signed and independent, CEO and volunteer, performed in pubs to 10 people and arenas to 10,000, I’ve been hired, fired, signed, dropped, I’ve had big ideas and no money, and I’ve had lots of money and no big ideas, I’ve lost my drive and passion and had to go seek it out,

I’ve suffered burnout and been reignited, I’ve been published and self-published, I’ve waited to be picked, I’ve picked myself, managed a career whilst blissfully single and juggled the pressure to perform whilst raising a family. I’ve worked private and public sector and have been both employer, employee and self-employed.

This wealth of experience provides a deep well of empathy from which to draw on, and a unique edge when working with clients to achieve outstanding results.

I trained with Animas Centre for Coaching and am currently seeking membership with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

“When having career coaching, I’ve often come away in a really good mood, as a freelancer, it’s not often you get those small notes of encouragement and positivity that you might get in a team environment.”

Shift Client – Independent Film Maker

“Prince is a magnetic innovator, storyteller and musician who’s creative insights have mobilized and given purpose to the next generation. He leads by example and is trustworthy. I recommend him highly.”

Jonathan Brown

Label President – Integrity Music