Hannah Miller

Gallup Strength Coach, Executive Coach

Personal life

Hannah is proud mum of three sons. She loves Zuzu (her cockerpoo), food, drinking tea, writing lists, receiving post, taking photos, singing loudly while wearing headphones, and chatting to strangers.

Passion Areas & Coaching Themes

Public speaking, group work, strength coaching, speaker coaching, confidence coaching, literary fields, start-ups, entrepreneurs, Gallup strength coaching.

Past and present clients include

Vistage (formerly Academy for Chief Executives), Giffgaff, The University of Birmingham, NHS, Barclays, Home for Good, Langley House Trust, Ella, and The Diocese of Birmingham.

Hannah is a Gallup Accredited Strengths Coach, bringing the invaluable insight of strength focused coaching to Shift clients. Understanding who you are, how you lead, and how you think is key to both self-development and team development. Combining her personal experiences of leadership with a tried and tested focus on the Strengths coaching model, Hannah enables incredible transformative insight resulting in greater clarity, efficiency and productivity. Her work also supports clients to develop and fine-tune self-awareness, emotional intelligence and boost self-motivation, powerful qualities and outcomes for or any individual or team working in the creative industries.

Hannah is a gifted public speaker, online author and business leader. She has worked in the public sector as a senior leader in education, within the private sector as a marketing professional and has also founded two charities. Hannah’s inherent creative nature has always played a central role in her career, combined with her varied employment background Hannah brings particular insight when working with clients working in the literary fields and also those engaged in any form of public presentation or performance.

Hannah brings a positive, upbeat approach to team and organisational development. A sharp focus on what is working well, and what needs to be addressed enabling a balanced and forward-focused approach to both group and individual coaching.

“Remarkable – a fantastic morning, highly interactive, so valuable to our members. Hannah’s management of the interaction and delivery was brilliant.”

Ian Price, Academy for Chief Executives

“…real, energising and full of hope…you empower people in a short space of time, with such a deep tool. Thank you so much.”

Dr Nish Manek